Corporate Social Respsonsibility

The Ceramic industry employs many people throughout the rural areas of China. The companies that make up the industry therefore have much to contribute to social and environmental responsibility. At Think Global, we place these responsibilities at the centre of our management philosophy and our business.

Think Global has made comprehensive efforts to identify, monitor, minimise and continually reduce the environmental footprint of its interests throughout the world and insists upon good workplace conditions and continuous improvements of these conditions. We explore ways to foster environmental consciousness and awareness at all levels of the organisation, in the communities where we carry out our business, and among the suppliers and other stakeholders with whom we deal.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in Think Global’s culture. Our code of business conduct helps ensure that we do business in a responsible way that is consistent with our values. We also expect our suppliers to share our commitment to operate in a legal and ethical manner and include this conversation in our business discussions. Our code of conduct covers the behaviour of our suppliers, as well as all Think Global owned facilities.

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